Hotel in the mountains – the rest and relaxation you deserve

Гледка към Пловдив от хотел Алхемист

5 reasons to give yourself a holiday in a hotel in the mountainsWhen it comes to relaxation and a fruitful vacation, staying in a mountain hotel is one of the best options that more and more people prefer. Mountain hotels, because they are close to nature, can provide you with an unforgettable experience.Depending on the […]

What is an aquatonic pool?

Спа център в хотел Алхемист Резиденс в Белащица

Why is it worth visiting a hotel with an aquatonic pool?More and more hotels are including an aquatonic pool in their spas. It’s one of the most advanced amenities for wellness centers and hotels with pools, and it’s definitely worth a look. This pool provides visitors with irreplaceable comfort while helping to relax, energise muscles, […]

Вилна зона Белащица
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