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Alchemist Restaurant

A visit to the Alchemist Residence is an unforgettable experience – the food is not just food but a way to experience a physical and spiritual pleasure.
The restaurant team cooks healthy cuisine, meant to grant you indulge your senses with ultimate pleasure. Visiting the Alchemist restaurant, you'll experience a true culinary pleasure finding the finest textured, compelling aromas, subtle taste, rich variety. The main goal of the team is for the guests, while visiting the restaurant, to achieve full harmony of mind and body, to break away from the daily stress, to turn to themselves and to know happiness.

Opening hours:
Monday- Sunday, 11:00-23:00



Organic products from the Rhodopes

In their work, our chefs stand by organic, typical regional products and raw products of the highest quality and 100% natural origin. They are cooked on the site and served in the form of delectable dishes with unique taste. The dishes are seasoned with fresh herbs in the summer and dried spices from our organic garden in the winter.
We appreciate the qualities of the culinary heritage and at the same time, we create a wholly new cuisine. The team of Alchemist Residence has rejected mass production and has purposefully sought its alternative in the Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant buys only quality meat which is processed following special recipes. Accordingly bread, the pâté de foie gras, home-smoked meats and fish, including sushi of original Japanese recipes, home-made jams, home-made pickled vegetables and many other healthy dishes are prepared.


Alchemist`s Restaurant

The Special gourmet menu of Chef Petrov  is referred to as the Alchemist Secret. It cares for the harmony of your spirit and body. The gourmet cuisine is an art where long kept culinary traditions and modern methods of preparation and processing of the products interweave. For example: using of stocks, cooking on a slow fire, smoking of meat and fish are traditional methods. For the Alchemist restaurant gourmet is not a modern business model but a philosophy, a working style and an attitude to food.

The Mediterranean menu is extremely tasty and life prolonging. It tempts with its freshness, lightness and delicate flavour. It is claimed that this is the poor people cuisine, having made its way to the halls.

The Sushi menu is prepared by master-chefs is in the spirit of the traditions of Japanese cuisine, based on the belief that the nature cannot and should not be improved or corrected. Following this conviction the Japanese believe that when fish is all fresh it has to be eaten raw, while roasting it or boiling it, not being completely excluded, are accepted as a certain compromise. According to the good Japanese cook, the natural taste of the products should not be lost, it should rather be stressed!

The Caucasian menu offers spicy and flavoured dishes, prepared from fresh ingredients and richly seasoned. Large quantities of vegetables, fresh meat, roasted meat are eaten. Dishes served are kebabs, flat bread lavash and taboulé salad. Wine is present on the menu and especially popular is the pomegranate wine, which is drunk with the dessert.


In order to avoid being disappointed, please make a prior reservation. If some guest is allergic to a particular food or drink, please let us know when upon reserving.
Please, arrive on time, as referred to in the reservation or if you are late, please, let us know. We can only keep your table for half an hour, if you do not call.
We put quality above all. Therefore, if your reservation is for more than six people, we recommend the proposals for fixed menus rather than the à la carte option.
Free parking is available. No booking is necessary.
Dress code
Smart Casual
Please leave your four-legged friends at home, where they will feel best, because we do not have facilities for pets in our restaurant.
We have found from our experience that too young children fail to enjoy a culinary journey, which normally lasts 3 to 4 hours. Therefore, find a nanny for the comfort of your children at home for the time you plan to spend in the restaurant.

The Wine List

Please, look at the wine list, it is unique! Welcome to the Alchemist Restaurant and enjoy the superior quality, taste and aroma of the red and of the white wines - Bulgarian ones and imported ones.
The restaurant team has a lot of ideas and suggestions for the connoisseurs of the elixir.


Organizing and holding of events
The ALCHEMIST CATERING team has a long experience in organizing and carrying events - coffee breaks, seminars, company events and cocktail parties, family events, garden parties and children birthday parties. The team has adaptability and a special attitude to each customer.
In addition to a party or event catering, we can also offer to you subscription services. For more information: 0878/ 652-686.

ALCHEMIST CATERING offers to its customers:

  • highly qualified personnel
  • necessary equipment
  • excellent cuisine
  • decoration for the event
  • sound equipment and animation
  • competitive prices
  • individual approach to each client

The ultimate goal is to satisfy the desires and needs of every customer.



  • SALADS – a plateau 1 kg
  • Salad Alchemist – 18.00 levs
  • Waldorf salad  – 16.00 levs
  • Greek Salad – 14.00 levs
  • Green salad with eggs – 12.00 levs
  • Bouquet of salads with tuna – 14.00 levs
  • Bouquet of salads with avocado and smoked salmon – 18.00 levs
  • Iceberg salad with parmesan and cherry tomatoes – 16.00 levs
  • Caesar salad – 18.00 levs
  • Salad of carrots, beetroot and walnuts – 10.00 levs
  • Salad of cabbage and carrots – 6.00 levs
  • Salad of boiled potatoes and green onions – 6.00 levs
  • Eggplant purée – 12.00 levs
  • Sour cream and cucumber salad – 12.00 levs

Cold bites from Alchemist Catering
The prices are for 1 piece

  • Tartlets with olive pesto, cherry tomato and mozzarella – 0.95 levs
  • Tartlets with cream cheese and roquefort – 0.95 levs
  • Tartlets with cream cheese and spinach – 0.90 levs
  • Tartlets with surimi and tartare – 0.90 levs
  • Tartlets with smoked salmon and cream cheese – 1.40 levs
  • Tartlets with tuna – 1.20 levs
  • Cherry tomato and baby mozzarella skewer – 0.95 levs
  • Baby mozzarella with cherry tomato and olive skewer  – 0.95 levs
  • Cucumber with milk salad canapé  – 0.90 levs
  • Bites with cheese, yellow cheese and tomato – 0.85 levs
  • Bites with ham, cheese and tomato – 0.85 lev
  • Bites with flat sausage, cheese and tomato – 0.90 lev
  • Bites with tuna and lemon – 0.90 lev
  • Bites with smoked salmon and green lemon – 1.25 levs
  • Bites with emmental and white grapes – 0.90 lev
  • Bites with roquefort and strawberry – seasonal – 0.90 lev
  • Bites with camembert and white grapes – 0.90 lev
  • Bites pancake with cheese mousse and cherry tomato – 0.85 lev
  • Bites pancake with fillet and cheese – 0.90 lev
  • Bites spinach pancakes with salmon push  – 1.20 levs
  • Bites spinach pancakes with cheese mousse – 1.00 lev
  • Bruschetta with olive paste and dried tomatoes – 1.20 levs
  • Bruschetta with mousse of cheese and walnuts – 1.20 levs
  • Bruschetta with smoked salmon and caviar – 1.40 levs
  • Bruschetta with tomatoes and prosciutto-1.40 levs
  • Rolls of zucchini with baby mozzarella – 0.90 lev
  • Rolls of zucchini with dried tomatoes and Philadelphia cream cheese  – 1.10 levs
  • Roll with prosciutto and melon – 1.25 levs
  • Cheese truffles – 0.95 lev
  • Sesame crackers with prosciutto – 0.95 lev
  • Mini quiche with spinach and corn – 0.95 lev
  • Mini quiche with different cheeses – 1.00 lev
  • Mini quiche with smoked salmon – 1.50 levs
  • Mini quiche with chicken and mushrooms – 1.20 levs

Hot bites from Alchemist Catering

  • Stuffed vine leaves – 0.65 lev
  • Mini cheese stuffed pepper  – 0.95 lev
  • Mushrooms with spinach and cheeses – 0.95 lev
  • Mushrooms with bacon and yellow cheese – 0.95 lev
  • Mushrooms with blue cheese – 0.95 lev
  • Chicken bites – 0.95 lev
  • Chicken fillet with corn flakes – 0.95 lev
  • Breaded cheese and yellow cheese sticks – 0.95 lev
  • Breaded white fish bites – 0.95 lev
  • Plateau meatballs the Constantinople way 1 kg – 21.00 levs
  • Plateau of Bavarian wurst 1 kg – 22.00 levs
  • Mini veal meatballs 1 kg – 30.00 levs
  • Mini chicken skewer with an olive – 1.30 levs
  • Mini pork skewer with pepper – 1.30 levs
  • Mini vegetable skewer on a plate – 0.90 levs
  • Pork bon fillet with blue cheese and mushroom – 1.60 levs
  • Veal tenderloin with prosciutto – 1.90 levs
  • Mini chopped meal roll – 0.95 levs
  • Plateau puff pastry morsels or rolls, 1 kg – 15.00 levs  – 30 pcs
  • Mini croissants – 16.00 levs  – 30 pcs

Main dishes from Alchemist Catering

  • Chicken fillet – 28.00 levs
  • Chicken rolls with dried tomatoes and blue cheese – 34.00 levs
  • Chicken buchettes with Brie cheese and dried tomatoes – 34.00 levs
  • Pork loins – 28.00 levs
  • Pork rolls with asparagus – 34.00 levs
  • Veal bonfillet – 60.00 levs
  • Grilled salmon – 45.00 levs
  • Breaded white fish – 24.00 levs
  • Plateau of vegetable on a plate – 12.00 levs
  • Vegetable risotto – 14.00 levs
  • Potatoes in original French recipe – 12.00 levs

Desserts from Alchemist Catering

  • Tartlets with chocolate – 0.90 lev
  • Tartlets with white mousse and caramel – 0.95 lev
  • Fruit Tartlet – 0.90 lev
  • Tartlets with panna cotta cream and pineapple  – 0.95 lev
  • Tartlets with crème brûlée and strawberries – 0.90 lev
  • Tartlets with mascarpone and raspberries – 1.10 levs
  • Mini apple pie with cinnamon and walnuts – 0.95 lev
  • Eclairs with vanilla cream – 0.80 lev
  • Chocolate muffins – 1.00 lev
  • Mini fruit skewer – 1.00 levs
  • Fruit petit four – 0.90 lev
  • Cheese cake petit fours – 1.00 lev
  • Chocolate petit four – 0.90 lev
  • Chocolate fudge petit four – 1.00 lev
  • Tiramisu petit four – 0.90 lev
  • Profiteroles with crème brûlée-0.60 lev
  • Chocolate profiteroles – 0.65 lev
  • Mini croissants with stuffing – 0.75 lev
  • Butter rolls with pumpkin  – 0.60 lev
  • Pastry and nuts baklava – 0.85 lev
  • Mini apple strudel – 0.90 lev
  • Chocolate truffles – 0.60 lev